4 Signs Your Business Needs a VoIP Phone System

The new standard for business-class phones today is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). The Future Market Insights (FMI), forecast that VoIP users will more than double from 2012 to 2020, from 98.9 billion users to 204.8 billion. A result of the benefits and features, many businesses have already made the transition to Voice over IP phone systems. Not only can you save money, but the move to a VoIP business phone system is easy. Listed below are some signs your business is ready for the switch over to VoIP.

1. You have a tight telecom budget

The biggest reason many businesses decide to move over to VoIP phone systems is because of the financial advantage. The switch to a VoIP system will likely allow a business to cut cost on their monthly phone bills.

2. Your business is growing

If your business is growing and/or mobile, phone system flexibility is very important. VoIP systems will cut the cost and the hassle of changes traditional phone systems carry. Adding new phones and users is simple and inexpensive with a VoIP system.

3. You don’t have an IT guy or girl

With a traditional phone system, you will likely use an outside resource or the IT guy at your office to make changes. With a VoIP phone system, changes are easily done from a web portal, for this reason there is little to no maintenance cost.

4. You need more or better features

With a VoIP phone system, features are modern and easily applied to your settings. Voicemail to email, auto attendant, and call recording are just some of the features a VoIP phone system offers. Remote extensions allow users to work from anywhere via the Internet.

As the list above shows, there are many advantages to having a Voice over IP phone system for business. Making the transition from your old system will be smooth and easy, there is proven flexibility, and the investment will be worth it. Ask around to other businesses and see what they are doing. Many of them have already made the change with their phone system.

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  1. It’s interesting that you mention how business growth is a good reason to upgrade to a VoIP system. It makes sense that a VoIP system would be able to handle a lot more calls and would be much more helpful for various situations whether it’s out of the office services, or the simplicity of it all. Thanks for the post; I didn’t consider just how helpful a modern communication system can be so it’s definitely something to remember.

    1. Hi Tyler. Thank you for reaching out! Yes, we see business growth as a great reason to move to a VoIP system. Many customers start out running their business from a cell phone and a VoIP system provides an easy way to distribute the calls to members of their growing team. We also find it’s good for larger businesses as well. Whether they are expanding the team at their existing location or opening a new office, VoIP systems are flexible and easy to manage.

      Thanks again for reaching out and I’m glad we could help.

  2. I appreciate you mentioning that a VoIP business phone system will help save money on the monthly bills. The company I work for has been wondering if it might be time to invest in a new business phone system. I’ll be sure to tell them that it would be worth it to buy a VoIP one since it will save us a lot on some of our monthly bills.

    1. Hi Ashley. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment! Many businesses, just like yours, start looking into a VoIP solution to save money. Check out this blog post for more ideas to save money on your business phone bills.

      While it’s no secret your monthly phone bills will be lower (sometimes more than 50%!), many of our clients enjoy the added flexibility and new features like Voicemail to Email, mobility (remote extensions) and presence.

      Feel free to reach out to us if you have questions or would like guidance along your journey.

  3. I didn’t realize that a business phone system could be especially helpful for a growing business since it cuts costs. I feel like anything that helps you cut costs would be something any business manager would be interested in. I would definitely look into it if I were the manager of a quickly growing business.

    1. Hi Earnest. Thank you for your comment. Yes, a business phone system not only cuts costs but it can also help businesses scale. Even a business of 1 can benefit. I was speaking with a bright-eyed entrepreneur yesterday and explained how a Virtual Phone System with a dedicated phone number can help as the business grows. Customers call the dedicated number and those calls forward to a cell phone. As the business grows, calls can forward to multiple cell phones.

      When the time is right, it’s very easy to transition the business phone number to a more robust solution.

      VoIP technology is incredible and it empowers businesses to operate how they want and on their own terms. Exciting stuff!

  4. Most businesses that switch to a VoIP small business phone system will see little to no cost when compared to an analog alternative. Social Reinforcement VoIP service providers can supply you with features right out of the box that can make your business promotions. The benefits are Look bigger than you are, Save money, It grows with your business, Be efficient, Travel and work remotely, etc.

  5. VoIP is very helpful to reduce your costs and increase customer satisfaction in your business. I really like the way the writer presented his views.Thank you for sharing awesome information about VoIP and other marketing skills needed to successfully run a business.

  6. I can see why a phone service would be helpful to businesses. Like you said, adding more phones to a growing business is a must. Nothing is worse than a growing business not handling their growth well.

  7. My parents’ food shop has been having a lot of customers lately ever since they started producing desserts. People even requested that they start delivering in farther places. I think my parents already need to have an IP phone system because, like you said, it is best to have one once the business is growing since it is flexible for different needs, and it is also inexpensive.

    1. Hi Millie. Thank you for reaching out and congratulations on the growth of the food shop! It sounds like an exciting time.

      An IP phone system would be perfect in this scenario. From having dedicated staff handling orders to opening a second location, your phone options are extremely flexible once you make the change to a VoIP phone system for your business.

      If you’re early in the planning process, check out a recent post going over key terms used in VoIP. Key VoIP Terms

      Also, many small businesses embrace the do-it-yourself mindset and I totally get it; however, check out our post regarding working with a VoIP professional for implementation. It could save your family a lot of stress. Work with a VoIP Professional

      Best of luck to you and your family’s business!

  8. Its really very nice article. Voip Phone is really very helpful for us.

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