Save Money On Your Business Phone Bill

Phone with MoneyReducing operating expenses is on the mind of every business owner. While a business phone system is necessary once your organization reaches a certain size, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are 4 easy ways to save money on your monthly business phone bill.

Count your phone lines

Count the number of phone lines in your business. Do you use all of them? Can you convert your credit card processor to use the internet? Could you combine services such as fax and your alarm to reduce the number of lines? Speaking of fax – can you eliminate fax altogether and transition to scan and email? Or maybe use an eFax service?

Consider VoIP

Move from expensive land lines or analog circuits to inexpensive VoIP. Not considering VoIP yet? You should! Your cost per call path will be cheaper and you’ll add flexibility to your phone system at the same time. A business VoIP phone system can be cloud based or installed on site in your office and use carrier grade services. Read our recent blog post to learn the difference between a hosted business phone system and an on-premise business phone system. New to telecom? Check out this blog post to learn key terms and definitions in the industry.

Analyze your phone bill

Check your phone bill for expensive monthly services or features you don’t use. Are you paying extra for call waiting? Do you even use it? How about long distance? Most carrier phone plans now include unlimited long distance for free. Also, make sure you actually use the services you’re billed for. We’ve seen many bills with lines that should have been canceled long ago or even old carriers that never stopped sending invoices. It happens more than it should!

Check with your telecom provider

If it has been a while, contact your account manger and have them review your account with you. New pricing may be available and they may have a bundle to lower your monthly bill even more. We’ve seen monthly charges go down as much as $50 per line! If you don’t have a local account manager, let us know and we’ll provide direct contact information for local people we trust.

Schedule a Free Consultation Today

If you don’t know where to start or if you don’t have time, let us know. We have specialists that will review your bills and let you know how much you can potentially save. Sometimes without even changing your phone carrier.