Work With a Professional to Reduce Stress

JCM Stress BallShortly after opening our business, we needed promotional materials to give away at our first trade show. I took it upon myself to find the perfect item. After countless hours of online research, I found it. A shiny red stress ball with our logo printed in bright white. It was beautiful!

I chose the company with the cheapest price and I didn’t even have to speak with anyone to place the order. This was easy. In a few short days we had enough product to create a ball pit for an entire elementary school. We were ready for the trade show.

Important Lesson Learned

We gave a lot of stress balls away at our booth that day but no one ever contacted us back. I couldn’t figure out why and it wasn’t until a conversation with a professional in promotional products a few months later that I had my answer. He explained while the stress ball I designed (and was super proud of) looked nice, it didn’t have one very important thing. A way to contact us back. My masterpiece had no phone number, no website address, not even our company name printed on it. This made perfect sense once he said it but I didn’t even consider it when I made the initial purchase.

I learned an important lesson that day. As a business owner, I need to consult with a professional before making a big purchase – especially on something outside my area of expertise. Luckily, this lesson came very early in our business and at a relatively low cost.

Business Phone System Specialists

Some companies choose to install a business phone system with their in house team or use their IT provider to do it for them. Many traditional IT providers aren’t specialized in telecom and can find themselves in over their heads very quickly.

At JCM Technology Solutions, we focus on one thing – business phone systems. We educate you on the features and benefits of a new business phone system, listen to your needs and recommend a best fit solution using the latest technologies. We are honest, up-front and our pricing is very affordable.

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